Place to post anything and everything Michael does throughout year for, his own beloved, Michael Bolton Charities Incorporated and all other charitable events and work he undertakes throughout 2017.

Pic is one taken in 2011 at the MBC event in Ojai, CA.  Clint Eastwood is pictured with Michael.

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For information Prizeo have announced winner of their competition and it is a girl called Inga R.  Can't add any information about her, sorry.  Here is link to page which confirms winner.  Hadn't seen it announced anywhere but it was Kaz Hudspith who found and Lynn Brennan put it out in a tweet.  Prizeo certainly never tweeted it although that was what we were waiting for but at least now we know. 

Believe can add, if Inga is either on the website or a lurker, that we extend every congratulation to her and hope she has a wonderful, wonderful time collecting her prize and meeting Michael ..... have a super time Inga !!! :)

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Here is an article about celebrities fighting child abuse.  Michael is listed number 3.  Here is the direct link to complete story

3. Michael Bolton - After founding The Michael Bolton Foundation (later named The Michael Bolton Charities) to help women and children in abusive situations and raising more than $10 million USD to do so, Michael Bolton became the honorary chairman of Prevent Child Abuse America. He remains one of the top celebrity contributors to causes relating to child abuse.

Michael Bolton at Hard Rock Cafe in Germany

Thanks so much Gail for posting article on here, thanks and fantastic coming third and just shows how dedicated he is to something that shouldn't exist but unfortunately does.  Thanks again Gail !!! :)

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Thanks for the article and the link Gail, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Michael has sent below tweet on his upcoming performance at the Audrey Hepburn Society Ball at the Marriott Marquis, Houston, Texas on 24th May for UNICEFUSA

Honored to perform May 24 at Houston’s fundraiser committed to saving children’s lives.

Michael has posted below to his FB page along with a pic of Ambassador Angie Harmon sitting with a group of children:

"I am honored to be performing at the @UNICEFUSA Audrey Hepburn Society Ball in Houston on May 24, raising critical funding to save and protect the lives of children. These initiatives align with our efforts The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.

Grateful for all the work of UNICEF Ambassador @Angie_Harmon 


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Lovely pic of Michael with Raegan Boutte at last night's UNICEF Audrey Hepburn Society Ball in Houston, Texas.  Pic comes courtesy of Raegan and shows Michael and her standing in front of UNICEF's red carpet hoarding.  Raegan writes for Houston Style Magazine and she is a professional dancer of ballet, jazz and tap.

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Link to set of pics of Michael at last night's Audrey Hepburn Society Ball for UNICEFUSA in Houston, Texas.

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Lovely pic of Michael with Angie Harmon, UNICEF Ambassador, at the Audrey Hepburn Society Ball in Houston, Texas last night. 

Link to article with pics from the UNICEF event which contains one pic of Michael and here it is .....

and here is link to article with transcript below:

"Truth be told, there was an awful lot of program packed into UNICEF's fourth annual Audrey Hepburn Society Ball on Wednesday night. That's to be expected with 12 honorary chairs, eight gala chairs, three NextGen chairs, and 45 gala committee members (including yours truly). In the end, and most importantly, the evening's message could not have been more clear: human trafficking is a serious issue that affects children worldwide, even here in our own Bayou City backyards.

The festivities opened in song thanks to a few impromptu riffs from emcee Deborah Duncan and a performance by the Awty International School Choir.

Then it was onto Mayor Sylvester Turner who broke from his usual off-the-cuff and oft-comedic remarks to outline how city officials and local law enforcement plan to address Houston's sex trafficking challenges. His daughter, Ashley Turner, later lightened the mood as one of the NextGen after-party chairs; Nina and Karun Magon rounded out the trio.

UNICEF USA CEO and Executive Vice President Barron Segar helped Margaret Alkek Williamsbestow her namesake Humanitarian Award to Rosanette and Harry Cullen.

"Harry Sr. couldn't be here tonight, so Harry Jr. is here. And if that isn't enough, Harry III is here, too," Rosanette quipped from the stage.

And so – in more ways than one – children effectively stole the spotlight. Not to slight Spirit of Compassion Award recipient Angie Harmon; though the "Law & Order" and "Rizzoli & Isles" actress's three daughters proved to be sassy teleprompter-reading stars in their own right.

"You may know my mom from TV shows," middle child Avery Grace Sehorn said from the stage. Harmon has previously portrayed a hard-hitting assistant district attorney and a police detective. "And yes, she's exactly like her characters in real life."

Harmon, a UNICEF ambassador and End Trafficking spokesperson, was visibly moved by her daughters' introduction and praise of her altruistic work. "I didn't really have a purpose until they got here."

Nelson Bowman (managing director of the Southwest Region), Susan Boggio (board chair), and Amy Pierce (gala chair) followed. Each drove home the importance of being generous and how children around the globe benefit from the audience's financial contributions. Stephen C. Lewisoffered up five live auction packages which helped some 450 ball-goers raise more than $910,000.

Grammy Award-winning artist and humanitarian Michael Bolton closed the show with a three-song concert including classic hits "When a Man Loves a Woman" and "Stand by Me."

Much of the crowd departed around 10 p.m., just in time to let the "kids" takeover the dance floor during NextGen's late-night social."

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Thanks for the article Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

First link is to Michael in interview with Houston Style Magazine on the red carpet at the UNICEFUSA Audrey Hepburn Society Ball, in Houston, Texas on 24th May and second link is to a video of him performing "Stand By Me".

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks a lot for the links Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie  Qc Canada :D'


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