What  a privilege it is to celebrate another Birthday Michael!

Being in medicine, I see sooooo many people who never will have that privilege 

to gain another year!

  I am a strong proponent of saying- Its' the condition one's in- not the number!

So, make your 2017 Birthday special and enjoy every day we are blessed to be here and in

good "Golf Health!"

 See You 2/17!

  Looking forward to it:) 

   Orchestra seat- Row  F, seat # 115..

See you Then,




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Hi Carla and for Michael to see your birthday message to him you need to place it on this page/thread


Gail will send the link, for the thread, to Michael so that he can read all the messages but individual ones, such as you have posted, will NOT be sent to Michael.  Any problems just shout !!! :)

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend



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