Hi all.  I'm sure there is a thread like this somwhere, but since I'm newish to the group I thought we should have another round. :)

I was currious what song got you all hooked on Michael.  Was it one inparticular song, a series of hits or just his voice in general?


For me, it was hearing the song "How Can We Be Lovers."  on the radio in 1990.  I was 10 and a half years old.  The song was awesome, but that voice hooked me right off the bat.  Most of the songs my parents played around the house were classical music or ultra easy listening Barry Mannilo stuff so this voice was such a departure to anything I've heard before.....or since, really :).


I would listen to the radio station for hours waiting to hear that song....then my parents bought be my first tape player/recorder and I recorded that song and his future singles from that same local radio station.  I was hooked.  I would stay awake late at night and listen to Cacey Kasum top 40 and then Rick Dees weekly top 40 and get so excited when I saw how much his song had climbed and wait for interviews with him and record them on my tape player :)


I saved up my lunch money from school to buy "Soul Provider," because his music fed my soul more then lunch.  My soul food so to speak. :). Soon enough "Time Love and Tenderness" came out and my parents bought me this one so I wouldn't skip lunch :).  My best friend, who conviently lived next door to me, would come over and listen to the album over and over.  So much infact, that our mutual neighbor offered to pay us to stop playing it :).  No deal made. 


We were now both hooked and wanted to join the fanclub listed on the album so we BOTH saved our lunch money up and signed up :) I still have the giant button that came in the mail somplace....maybe she took posession,  I don't remember.  :)  Those were the days :). Those days turned into years.....20 and still counting. 


His voice today still has that "it" factor about it and he still writes those songs that move me.....His latest album is getting just as much play time as "Time Love and Tenderness" did, and the new neighors arn't knocking my door down, so maybe I've converted a new fan. 





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Fantastic story Ozlem, thank you for sharing it with us.

I hadnt realised that HAISTLWY had been featured on knots landing.

Was the firs tconcert at Wembley in 1996? I was there then aswell. My seat was almost at the back of the venue and I remember crying all the way home after that.

A lovely story and thank goodness you were at the beach that day to buy Soul provider.

Thanks for sharing. I've really enjoyed reading the stories so far.

Love Jennifer XXX
Jennifer, 16th May1993 was the first concert I just pulled out my concert book which still has my old ticket (quite faded)!! the second was 6th March 1996 (have tickets for that too!), I heard KennyG for the first time at the 93 concert he was supporting act and was brilliant too!

Wow, I'm sure this all brings back memories. Thanks again Ozlem for sharing your story. I would have loved to have seen Kenny G at that time. I did get to see Celine Dion open for MB a few times in 1994 when I first started seeing MB on tour. Wow, she sure burst on the music scene shortly after. We loved her back then too..
I have my stubs too, some you can hardly read anymore.
Robin :)
Oh wow Robin, you saw Celine aswell? You lucky lady!! She has the most amazing voice doesnt she? I would really have loved to see her open for Michael.

That must have been amazing Ozlem to see Kenny G. His playing is mesmerising isnt it?

I still have all my ticket stubs too. One day, yes one day, I will frame them!! Ha Ha!!

I found my first concert ticket the other week when I was sorting out my collection and mine too is very faded and rather wrinkly.

So many happy memories.

Love Jennifer XXXX
It is fun going through that stuff, it does bring back memories. I have pics of Celine packed away from that time in 1994, she had short, dark hair then. We loved her.. We saw Dave Koz, sax player too, he was fabulous and The Korr's were wonderful openers too over the years that I remember seeing with Michael. We really enjoyed Wynonna Judd that time in 1998 when they toured together. I saw that show a bunch of times and we LOVED her, I bought a few of her CD's after we saw her live with Michael. I did get to see MB and Kenny G in 2004 at a venue in New Jersey perform together finally. I got to touch his hand as he came down the aisle (Kenny G), made my night. It was fun seeing them together.

MB draws such great talent along with him doesn't he!
Robin :)
I got to see KennyG on tour in april 1997 at Wembley arena, this time as the main act, and YES he is amazing live too. I would love to see them Michael & Kenny perform together again. I don't have any memorabilia except for the concert books I got as souvenirs, for me it has always been about the music (I have boxes of cassettes & CD's)!

Awww Ozlem that's nice. Nothing wrong with that, I still have some cassettes packed away and many CD's too, and MB stuff on Vinyl from the older years!!! It's all fun to have related to his music!

That's great you got to see Kenny G! He's a wonderful entertainer!!
Robin :)
I have a gazillion cassetts of Michael. Wow! CD'S of course but not vynol. You'd be surprised what stuff I have--the first concert in 1992 I have&it's on tape. I almost got caught taping but they left me alone. Their loss; my gain. :)
I had a friend who saw kenny with Michael in Boston, I do believe&Kenny let her touch his sax. Wow!

There are a lot of memories we all can share about the babe. Woo Hoo.

The only time I saw Michael in 1993 was in Columbia SC&I lived in MD at the time&I was visiting my friend who lived there&she lived with her friend&I took cabs to&from the soft ball game&concert that day. Didn't know any Bolton fans. I went by myself&didn't know a soul. Not to be bragging, understand. It was fun. My seats weren't all that but shucks, I was there, right? :)
At my first concert of Michaels Celine was his opening act. She was amazing what a voice! I also saw Kenny G with him at another concert! Love him too I listen to his cds too. He is an amazing performer too! I really have to dig out all my memories of his concerts that I have. I have all in boxes for safe keeping! Love hearing everyone elses collections!
Love Eileen xoxo
Nothing meant, but I'm not a kenny Gee fan at all. The sax is one of my least favorite instruments but no doubt he's a good entertainer though.
I saw Michael with Celine too in Maryland&Michigan in 1994. I could go on&on. I'm loving this as I said. This is my favorite thread so far&they are all good.

Speaking of kenny Gee, I wish I could have seen Michael with him in 1990 when they did "Don't Make me Wait For Love" live. I bought Kenny Gee Live just because of that song. Michael was in rare form--the rare form that I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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