Hi everyone,

I am from Trinidad. I know that Michael Bolton had some concerts in the Caribbean over the years. I was wondering if anyone had any video clips of Michael Bolton's concerts in the Caribbean.

I'm trying to put a gift together for my girlfriend who is a big Michael Bolton fan.

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Hi Ess Bee and welcome to the forum !!! :)


If you go onto youtube there are various videos taken from a show that Michael did in Jamaica in 2007 at the Jamaican Sports Arena and they cover the songs "How Can We Be Lovers"; "Steel Bars" and "Rock Me" and there is also a video from the St. Lucia Jazz Festival of 2008 at which Michael appeared.  If you have more specific areas in mind where you know Michael performed why not go onto youtube and see if you can locate videos by entering Michael Bolton and then the area you are looking for for I am pretty sure there will quite a few videos that you will be able to locate or at least I hope so and I hope you can find enough to put together your gift for your girfriend - good luck and I hope my little bit of information is of some use !!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Just thought of another set of videos that were taken when Michael appeared in Trinidad in May this year at a show along with Richard Marx and other guests......there are quite a few videos taken at that time on youtube !! :)


Sylvia.   YWSF

Thanks Sylvia I'll check it out.

Hi Sheldon,


Just to say today I remembered Michael had appeared in Aruba this year and it was on 22nd September when he took part in the Aruba Music Festival at the Piedra Plat Stadium but, unfortunately, I cannot locate any videos only a couple that are advertising the Festival and say about Michael appearing on 22nd but maybe you would be more successful if any were downloaded and he also did a show in the Virgin Islands earlier in the year but again I can't locate any videos......trouble is whether at these shows security allowed anyone to take pictures let alone videos and then if any were taken we have to rely on someone being able to find them and as everyone has their own individual way of naming their videos it isn't always easy to locate but thought I would come back on and let you know what I had remembered.......hope you are more successful than me if videos do exist !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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