Hello my dear MB-friends,


I do not know if we have a discussion like this where we tell everybody when Michael can be watched on TV....so I start this one hoping it will be as successful as "MB dates added" LOL.


The Show "Pavarotti and Friends 1995" live from Modena (featuring Michael) will be on German TV next week:




JULY 31st 2011, ARD einsfestival, 02:45 - 04:20 (at night)



I will definitaley have to record this concert as I only have it on CD so far:=))

Hope many of you can enjoy!



Christine. Michael's PINK LADY from Germany

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thanks girls


Tine, when is the Pavarotti concert on ARD?


Silvy XX

What a great thread....Brilliant idea Tine!!


Jennifer XX

I am not completely sure on this... but I guess that today's Gala in which Michael is going to sing... in Germany, will be broadcasted live on internet...

Samstag, 17.12.2011 20:15 - 22:45 Uhr

VPS 17.12.2011 20:15

Länge: 150 min


Could anyone try to record it? Thanks!

Good Morning Pilar,

thank you for reminding of MB's TV appearance tonight. Unfortunately I don't own a TV anymore and have no opportunity to ask someone to record it. Hopefully somebody else is able to. But I will watch the livestream even if it is a little bit exhausting due to the inconstant stream. I wish I could be in Berlin. LOL.Next to MB, Tina Turner is supposed to be there too ...

Have a great day

Greetings from Germany


Hi there,

as you already know: MB is in Germany tonight, supposed to sing "Hallelujah" on a huge German charity show called "A heart for children". The show is supported by the most sold daily newspaper in Germany (and No. 2 in the world). Today there is a huge headline and several pages dedicated to this show and MB is - among others on the first page too. Unfortunately I am not able to upload my cell phone pics anymore (and can't figure out why), but here is at least one (awesome) pic and a short text. 

Greetings from Germany




Michael Bolton (58): The U.S. singer has toured with legend Ozzy Osbourne once, but now he is a master of gentle tones. Since 1975, he released 17 albums! Today he provides for contemplation with the classic "Hallelujah"

Thanks Astrid:)!  This is a Great picture of him, and I know he sang "Hallelujah" beautifully! That's our Michael going the distance and beyond for Us All!

Mary (M&M's)!

Hi again,

I just found a link to the rehearsel and a short interview with MB. He expresses his appreciation for the high amount of donations during the past 33 years (more than 170 millions Euro). Right after him my favourite Geman Rock singer Peter Maffay appears - wow!


The video appears in the midst of the text, below the red advert for the telephone number


Hi Astrid, thank you for posting the link sweetie. I'm very lucky with German sites for their blind-friendliness, but I don't know where to click for the video... Can you help? Thank you also for the description, it sounded very special. I hope someone will put it on YouTube. Thanks again Astrid, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie,

I try my best to describe the position: orient on the left side/edge of the page and scroll down. It is the third "picture" that appears (1. video about the red carpet guests - no MB; 2. pic of Charlène of monaco and opportunity to click on furthers pics - no MB, 3. video with MB)

This is the text above the video:

Ein Herz für Kinder Die Stars auf dem roten Teppich der Herzen

Charlène Fürstin von Monaco (in einer Robe von Akris, Ohrringe Montblanc) adelte die „Ein Herz für Kinder“-Gala. Sie wurde auch für ihr Engagement als Botschafterin der „Special Olympics“ geehrt

Now video with MB: right in the middle there is an arrow to click on and start the video

This is the text below the video:

Ein Herz für Kinder Diese Stars singen sich in ihre Herzen

I hope, this is helpful - good luck LOL


PS No youtube link up to now -(

Hi all,

my last message for today:

I watched the live stream and MB was the last artist to perform. His performance of Hallelujah was very, very moving. Princess Charlène of Monaco could not hold back her tears. Even Thomas Gottschalk, the host, seemed to have wiped a tear from his eye, before he hugged MB very warmly. I wish I could have been there. BTW, MB was looking gorgeous ...

Good night from Germany


PS. The donations amounted to nearly 14 million Euro

Hi Astrid,

Watched the show on German television. Yes, Michaels performance of Hallelujah was very moving, such a beautiful song it always makes me cry.

And yes Astrid, he was looking gorgeous, handsome as always! ;-)


Nicolette xx


Hi Nicolette,

I guess he sang live - didn't he? His performance seemed to be very close to the CD (half- playback). Due to the inconstant stream I was not sure, but my sister, who watched him on TV too, is quite sure, that he sang live. What do you think?

Greetings from Astrid


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