Hello my dear MB-friends,


I do not know if we have a discussion like this where we tell everybody when Michael can be watched on TV....so I start this one hoping it will be as successful as "MB dates added" LOL.


The Show "Pavarotti and Friends 1995" live from Modena (featuring Michael) will be on German TV next week:




JULY 31st 2011, ARD einsfestival, 02:45 - 04:20 (at night)



I will definitaley have to record this concert as I only have it on CD so far:=))

Hope many of you can enjoy!



Christine. Michael's PINK LADY from Germany

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Thanks soooo much Astrid... I supposed that maybe some computer expert could record that live stream... but with the links you have provided is enough!!!!! Wow, I am glad that Michael's song had those effects!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Thanks Pilar!!!!  ;-)

Nicolette xx

Thanks Pilar!

My video stream was very inconstant, with lots of buffers (GRRR - LOL), but still worth watching!


Hi there,

two more pics - not too good, but at least. 1. Finale: MB inmidst all celebrities; in front the number of the donations; 2. MB while performing, but in the corner right on the bottom; his upper body fills less than a quarter of the pic.

Greetings from Astrid

Hi Sylvia, thank you so much for sharing your precious gift. We  - my family and me - are celebrating my "little" nephew's 14th birthday and we all loved to watch your video and all of us were (again) very moved. Yet, I had to laugh too when I heard your tears rolling, because I ruined my cell-phone video due to shouting "sh.." while the internet-stream's buffering was teasing me ... LOL.

Don't be afraid of the SWAT team: it is not forbidden to make videos like these unless you don't sell them. Also I read in an article for journalists, that this material is for free use.

Greetings from Germany




One from Spain... the article says that this girl was MB couple... but no... she is in the board of director of the Foundation "A heart for children" and works, or at least worked, in the Bild Comm. Group.

Thanks for that link Pilar - yes some couple with Michael with his hands in his pockets and I think she is moving hers as far away as she can ....the media, what they love to speculate on !!!!! LOL.


Am going to change status on video link and make it public and put it out on FB and if they don't like they can remove .....why shouldn't we promote MB and all he does !!!!!! LOL


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.

Thanks Pilar, nice photo!


Good Morning,

the newspaper which organized Saturday's event "A heart for children" gives a summary with diverse articles this morning. A photo of the crying princess is shown on front page, but refered to the children's fate. Inside MB is mentioned as having the audience moved to tears with his performance.  

Have a great day. Greetings from Germany


Hey girls, thanks for the updates. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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