Hello my dear MB-friends,


I do not know if we have a discussion like this where we tell everybody when Michael can be watched on TV....so I start this one hoping it will be as successful as "MB dates added" LOL.


The Show "Pavarotti and Friends 1995" live from Modena (featuring Michael) will be on German TV next week:




JULY 31st 2011, ARD einsfestival, 02:45 - 04:20 (at night)



I will definitaley have to record this concert as I only have it on CD so far:=))

Hope many of you can enjoy!



Christine. Michael's PINK LADY from Germany

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Here is link to full episode Michael was in of Hollywood Game Night but unfortunately it is only available in certain areas and one of them is not Scotland


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hey Sylvia, As soon as I saw this post last night, I headed straight to the tv, but I could not get it "on demand"....gonna try again later:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

I could work on my hobby while I watched this:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

I saw this show last night, and it was pretty Funny, Michael is a Hoot:)!

Thanks Sylvia!!!!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Glad you got to see it eventually Mary and it was a HOOT....thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely watch it again.  Just to say Michael still hasn't got over the fact he missed The Godfather question .... that was fun when he was sitting saying "Oh God, oh God" and even I was sitting saying "father, father, father !!!"  LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I really enjoyed it, and Yes I know he was upset about that, he said The Godfather is even his fav. show:( But then again, that;s what made it (Special) to watch, heck even Michael is allowed a few mistakes, nobody's perfect:)! Thanks again, I put 2 row on an afghan watching it, and it's getting pretty big! He's a Hoot 4 sure:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Hi Sylvia!!

These are HILARIOUS!!! Just watched and enjoyed very much!! Had me in stitches seeing Michael with those boxes LOL!! :)

Sandra, Devon UK

The whole show was great and so glad Gloria shared the link with us that we could watch for I sure am going to watch it again !!!! lol

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thought would put this link over here to interview Michael gave today to Talk Radio Europe in Spain with Selina MacKenzie

Links into an interview Michael gave the other day with Lite Breakfast and it has been broken down into 9 different videos with headline on each subject spoken about.  You do see Michael in all the videos although was for radio.  Here are the links ........

https://youtu.be/Bir3mJuF50Q  -  Performing Live

https://youtu.be/K4Ztkgn-OUo  -  Urband Legend About Him

https://youtu.be/pL2qG-PYJ0U  -  Mantra

https://youtu.be/INPkBou1Yo0  -  Life as an Artist

https://youtu.be/SPpDl48tPX4  - Singing High Note

https://youtu.be/Ughu2AIrC4I  -  Respecting His Voice

https://youtu.be/Dab85qIU1ps  -  Favourite Song

https://youtu.be/z_7ArisvJ5w  -  Long Hair 

https://youtu.be/lC1Y0HRqZMc  -  Auditioning for Black Sabbath

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks for all links Sylvia, much appreciated, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Q c Canada :D

Looks like Michael may show up from time to time next season on Fresh off The Boat.  Here is a quote from the star of the show:

In the upcoming season, Park’s Louis Huang has to deal with singer Michael Bolton as a business partner. At the end of last season, Bolton indicated he wanted greater control in the restaurant and Louis had to figure out how he was going to address the intrusion.

Bolton, Park says, was great fun to play with. Since “Boat” is set in the 1990s, a number of trends and personalities who were big then have passed through the show.

Thanks for the info Gail, much apreciated, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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