Hello my dear MB-friends,


I do not know if we have a discussion like this where we tell everybody when Michael can be watched on TV....so I start this one hoping it will be as successful as "MB dates added" LOL.


The Show "Pavarotti and Friends 1995" live from Modena (featuring Michael) will be on German TV next week:




JULY 31st 2011, ARD einsfestival, 02:45 - 04:20 (at night)



I will definitaley have to record this concert as I only have it on CD so far:=))

Hope many of you can enjoy!



Christine. Michael's PINK LADY from Germany

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Hi Christine, this is a really good idea, that way, if there are repeat TV appearances unrelated to "Gems", we can still list them here. Like for instance if "Meet Wally Sparks" or "Snow Dogs" plays in your area, for instance. A few weeks back, "Michael Bolton live at the Royal Albert Hall" played on Canadian TV and I had to go rummage in old threads to pass on the message. Funny you mention the "Pavarotti & friends, for the children of  Bosnea" program because I borrowed that from the library last week! BTW, Michael has an extra performance on the DVD and I hope they show it on German TV, it's "Can I touch you there" which, as you know, is not on the CD. Enjoy sweetie! Take care Christine. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada  

I think it's a great idea Christine :)

Love Dianna xxx

Hey everybody,


our dear friend Martina has found out that Michael appears on German TV four times within the next 2 months! Thank you, Tina. Here we go:


TV Termine:
12.11.2011         ZDF Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel (Duett mit Helene Fischer)
14.11.2011         ZDF Volle Kanne
17.12.2011         ZDF Ein Herz für Kinder
22.12.2011         ARD Helene Fischers Weihnachtssendung (Duett mit Helene Fischer)


Christine. Michael's PINK LADY from Germany.

This is also posted under the thread regarding German concerts with links to the websites for any videos or links posted later. Gail

Hi there,

since I don't own a TV I just only heard MB and Helene Fischer on German TV via phone call with my sister. She said that he look great, very relaxed and happy. They "sung" Vivo Per Lei, unfortunately not live ( (:((( ), which is hardly seen/heard nowadays in Germany.

Greetings from Germany


ZDF Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel (Duett mit Helene Fischer)





Google translation into English (with mistakes, I am sure):

There's a new man who crosses the path taken by Helene Fischer - it is U.S. superstar Michael Bolton (57), the singer with the amazing voice. He has this certain casual and confident charisma can make the women nervous.
He not only looks good, his voice is unique. She is, as you could see yesterday evening, completely unchallenged. With their German hits it hits the people of our country to the heart, which has class, the singing is at its best, but it can do much much more, as you could find yesterday full of admiration.

The new album by Michael Bolton is the way the hammer! The title: "Duets". There is a German and an International Edition 12 or 14 songs at its best, three of them with Helene Fischer.

On 16 December, the two may occur (ARD live 20:15) also shared in the José Carreras Gala in Leipzig. And Michael's new Christmas album, it will appear shortly, he sings two songs with Helen. The CD is called "Home for Christmas."
Whether Helene Fischer Michael like? Definitely! Already, there are the first speculation.


And this video found by Eva (it's already posted in another thread, but just in case... and thanks Eva!!!):


Hi Pilar,

such a great find - thanks so much for posting! Such wonderful pics!!! But OMG, I missed him!!! I did not know that the TV Special happened so near to my home town (less than half an hour to drive!!!)

Sad greetings from Germany, obviously so far from being up to date!! .-(((



Thanks Pilar for posting

Sorry Astrid what a shame you didn't know perhaps you could have went down to the station :(


Love Dianna xxx

Yes, absolutely Dianna. I would have loved to be there, not only to see MB and HF, but also Andrea Bocelli, Chris de Burgh ...

Now that the pain from my "dentist-date" vanishes my soul starts to cry ... :-(((

Sad greetings and good night from Germany



Thanks Pilar for sharing!!!!


Take care, Eva

concerning the translation:now I don't want to sound pedantic,but it actually says: "does Michael Bolton fancy Helene Fischer? Certainly, there are already speculations............ and not how google translated it:does Helene Fischer fancy Michael Bolton?I mean,it does not really matter that much,because from our own point of (fan)views if any of us would be Helene Fischer and in such close contact with Michael,"who are connected through a very close friendship" as it says in numerous promotion and pressarticles- well,my question is:if any of us would be Helene Fischer,did we fancy Michael Bolton?..........and I guess the answer is for all of us without great speculations:Certainly



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