Welcome to the 2018 Concert Review Thread!!  Hopefully, you will come here and post all your exciting experiences at the Michael concerts and events this coming year.  Michael will be having concerts all over the world this year, so everyone please let us know how it goes.  Include photos and all the info you feel like sharing!!  I know a lot of you are members of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but don't forget about those of us on the forum!  Bring your fun here as well!!  Thanks, Gail

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Thanks for doing a new thread Gail!  I hope the fans enjoy it.  I will share my sbows in 2018.  Just need some first!! LOL

Robin in MD :)

Thanks for starting this new thread for 2018 Gail for us all and hope we are all blessed with some wonderful Bolton Adventures to go on throughout the year !!! :) 

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


February is just around the corner ....Can’t wait for your reviews!!

Hi Usha and a Happy New Year to you and I will be in in February for sure and it will definitely be a different type of review and at least won't have to try and remember a set list !!! LOL  Hope you get show near you or, at least, one that you can get to in 2018, hope so Usha !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hi Sylvia , Happy New Year to you. Sorry , sometimes I don’t receive the notifications.  Can’t wait to hear all about it. Well , what do you know MB is playing here April 6 & 7 , Fallsview I imagine. So thankful it’s not May, as I will be in UK.  Best regards, Usha 


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