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Welcome, Moonlight

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The Moonlight Angel

There is magical legend...that whispers the tale of an extraordinary female being. She first appeared over a decade ago. And so mystified the world she had to disappear for her own safety. A shy and enchanted sprite...delicate in body and soul! One of her names is Moonlight. The few humans that have seen her say that a soft halo of golden tresses frame her angelic face. And that one is hypnotized by her large dark saddened eyes that speak only to the heart. Her quiet beauty seems to shimmer with a soft silvery glow and her pearly white flesh sparkles like rare silk. Some have even glimpsed her white filmy wings before she has taken flight! There are magical paintings of her, heart rendering songs and magnificent stories written. She is an artist...her WildLife Treasures paintings were created to help preserve Endangered Species and to protect all of God's beautiful animal treasures no matter how ferocious or small. There is even a myth of an enchanted series of drawings created for a secret amour...Sparkling treasures from heaven with the power to change the world...Many have tried to capture her. One touch of her tiny hand is said to be more precious then Starlight...One kiss enraptures the soul! The only sorrow greater than never seeing her is to have known her and lost her... The Moonlight Angel Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Many have tried to imitate The Moonlight Angel which is futile for she is not of this world and there will never be another     "Love"        

The Moonlight Angel Collection

Invisible and Ethereal

Enchanted Drawing from Theresa Kolasa

Breathtaking, Luminous beings who haunt your imagination and dreams...Bearers of unbelievable powers and mysteries...

She is illuminated from within by the light of the divine

the natural spiritual home of the angel...

One of God's Messengers, they often appear among humans in human guise...There true identity as an angel only revealed after they have delivered there message!


"Twilight Hope"

The Snow Leopard an Endangered Species

WildLife Treasures Collection

Painting from Theresa Kolasa


Myth & Magic Collection

Magical Drawing from Theresa Kolasa

Unicorns have enchanted humankind from time immemorial, Symbols of life, hope and sacrifice, They stand magically for the transcendent aspirations Within us all...A combination of great strength and great gentleness compels the human imagination. Symbols of Purity.



Other Worldly Drawing from Theresa Kolasa

The Snow Angel

And then...she met GRIFFIN "Guardian of the Divine"...

I wonder if He is going to rescue The Golden Snow Angel?

August 4, 2014

A Legendary Being with the body of a Lion and the Wings of an Eagle...Because the Lion was considered the King of the Beasts and the Eagle the King of Birds...The Griffin is thought to be an especially powerful and majestic Mythical Being.The Griffin is known to be the King of all creatures on Earth and in Heaven. He is known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions, like a Angel's heart, mind, body and soul!  In antiquity He is a symbol of divine power and a Beautiful Guardian of the divine!

August 11, 2014

And during those golden days of summer The Griffin built her a magical Castle stronger then marble or stone...The Last Castle...He protected the delicate white angel from all who would threaten or harm her...The Castle was built with love and passion...and was surrounded by a wonderous moat as deep an unfathomable as The Griffin's Soul!

August 18, 2014

The Snow Angel was an Enchanted Artist and as she patiently waited for The Griffin's return...She conjured a Magical Drawing of The Griffin's beautiful Soul...The Portrait was Magical and Otherworldly! Some whispered she was a Sorcerous and blew life into the Masterpiece...others whispered she slowly scuplted The Griffin's Mythic Lion's Beauty into a  beautiful winged Man...She created a Golden Eros with White Powerful Wings...The Griffin's deep blue eyes were like the moat that protected the castle, one look and her Psyche would drown in them. He was part fantasy and part enchantment but He was all hers!

August 24, 2014

Inside the Castle walls The Griffin created a Sanctuary...A glorious wildlife Refuge hidden in an enchanted Canyon. Ice topped mountains protected the valley in the hidden Canyon.  And There was a sparkling flowing waterfall that twinkled in the Moonlight that bathed the Refuge with a glowing aura at night. Each time The Griffin took flight, the Snow Angel would weep with loneliness and fear. With His magnificent return The Griffin would gift her with an endangered species that He had rescued on his journey in time...The first enchanted gift to appear was a pair of beautiful white Unicorns! And in the gentle twilight The Griffin slowly and gently taught the angel to ride...

The Castle was protected from the outside world by gigantic otherworldly Gates! The Griffin had secured them on one of His long journeys to other worlds. No demon could open, enter or fly over the gigantic Gates...The Griffins wings had been carved into the surface of the Gates and only The Griffin knew how to open them.

August 28, 2014

The Heaven's darkened, earthquakes shook the planet and hurricanes pummeled the oceans shores...A Horrible Evil was plotting and a shadow of

deep sadness crept over the hidden valley.

The Snow Angel was terrified of what was to come...She had tried to warn The Griffin of the dangers...

The Great Griffin sensed her growing alarm

August 29, 2014

It was a MEDUSA...a she demon from Hell...The Creature, a Gorgon, having the face of a hideous female with living venomous snakes in place of hair came from a continent south of the meridian, so filled with Evil that men Blanched at the mere sight of it's Horror!

The MEDUSA hated the Snow Angel, she was very envious of The Griffins great love for the Angel and sought to destroy

the Angel and her Sanctuary...

The Snow Angel, Princess of The Unicorns prayed and then called upon her Psyche Powers and summoned her Dragons...A Magnificent Mythic Army of Fire Breathing flying forces of nature!

God had gifted her with the Dragons many timeless years ago to protect her from all harm...

September 9, 2014

There are miracles and wonders in this world that will never be explained...And on this day The Griffin sent a miracle to the Angel...Through time and space the beautiful message finally find her in the quiet darkened glen of her wooded Sanctuary...The Message was more beautiful then she had hoped...and when the wind whispered His message to Her...She smiled...The Griffin had the most calming voice she had ever heard and when He spoke to the Angel His voice gently spoke to Her Soul...and to Her Soul alone....

The beautiful white unicorns heard the wind in the trees and somehow sensed that The Griffin was with the Angel in spirit...they slowly approached so that they would be witness to the miracle that was to unfold...

And when the Angel slowly raised her eyes she beheld the most beautiful vision...

The beautiful white unicorn that had been The Griffin's first gift of "Love" to her

began to Glow!

September 28, 2014

The Terror...On a Moonlight Night...The Beautiful Snow Angel was attacked!...

By a Gorgon from The Griffin's past

Fiendish and evil, the hideous Gorgon searched for the Angel's Sanctuary

When The Griffin found out...there was no limits

to His anger and fury!!!

Decades of wars and battles made Him a fierce and uncomparable warrior...

The Griffin first reassured His beloved golden Nymph...

Satisfied that she was safe once more...

He unfurled His gigantic wings and took flight for battle...

There was only one end possible...

September 30, 2014

When He returned the golden Nymph was gone...

Moonlight's Blog



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A Masterpiece of Love

Mythological Lovers at a Moment of Great Emotion…


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Enchanted Drawing from Theresa Kolasa

The Moonlight Snow Angel

Copy Right 2014…


Posted on September 28, 2014 at 9:00pm

"The Miracle"

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