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Welcome, Moonlight

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The Moonlight Angel

There is magical legend...that whispers the tale of an extraordinary female being. She first appeared over a decade ago. And so mystified the world she had to disappear for her own safety. A shy and enchanted sprite...delicate in body and soul! One of her names is Moonlight. The few humans that have seen her say that a soft halo of golden tresses frame her angelic face. And that one is hypnotized by her large dark saddened eyes that speak only to the heart. Her quiet beauty seems to shimmer with a soft silvery glow and her pearly white flesh sparkles like rare silk. Some have even glimpsed her white filmy wings before she has taken flight! There are magical paintings of her, heart rendering songs and magnificent stories written. She is an artist...her WildLife Treasures paintings were created to help preserve Endangered Species and to protect all of God's beautiful animal treasures no matter how ferocious or small. There is even a myth of an enchanted series of drawings created for a secret amour...Sparkling treasures from heaven with the power to change the world...Many have tried to capture her. One touch of her tiny hand is said to be more precious then Starlight...One kiss enraptures the soul! The only sorrow greater than never seeing her is to have known her and lost her... The Moonlight Angel Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Many have tried to imitate The Moonlight Angel which is futile for she is not of this world and there will never be another     "Love"        

The Moonlight Angel Collection

Invisible and Ethereal

Enchanted Drawing from Theresa Kolasa

Breathtaking, Luminous beings who haunt your imagination and dreams...Bearers of unbelievable powers and mysteries...

She is illuminated from within by the light of the divine

the natural spiritual home of the angel...

One of God's Messengers, they often appear among humans in human guise...There true identity as an angel only revealed after they have delivered there message!


"Twilight Hope"

The Snow Leopard an Endangered Species

WildLife Treasures Collection

Painting from Theresa Kolasa


Myth & Magic Collection

Magical Drawing from Theresa Kolasa

Unicorns have enchanted humankind from time immemorial, Symbols of life, hope and sacrifice, They stand magically for the transcendent aspirations Within us all...A combination of great strength and great gentleness compels the human imagination. Symbols of Purity.


I would like to take you to the realm of the unbelievable and the unseen. From ancient times, humanity has been fascinated by Archangels. The masculine being of light both luminous and awe inspiring. Found somewhere between heaven and earth, seen only in the mists of Moonlight, so powerful in force and nature that a mere glimpse of His virile beauty can transfix the world.

The chosen who have beheld the Mighty One have been transformed beyond recognition by the encounter. I hope that in some way the same will happen to those who behold His artistic manifestation. The evolution of an angelic species may be viewed in the glowing image. An extraordinary hybrid of humans and these supernatural winged beings hinted.

The fire of love that roars like lions when aroused. Seraphim, the highest order of God's angelic. The name a blend of "healer" "higher being" and "guardian". The Greek Hermes was the self same Deity, the Roman God Mercury and later the Archangel Michael. His name means "who is as God" in Christian lore He is the "Greatest". Michael is usually shown with an unsheathed sword which signifies His role as God's great champion. In Biblical lore Michael ranks as the greatest of all archangels. He is the Chief of the Order of Virtues, Chief of the Archangels, Prince of Presence, Archangel of Repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification. In writings He is called Mika'il. He had been attributed as the Archangel that stayed the hand of Abraham when he was about to sacrifice his son and "the fire that Moses saw in the burning bush". In mystic writings Michael has often been alluded to as the "Holy Ghost". And when He wept His tears turned into precious stones and then into a beautiful angel. He brings the gift of "Patience", "The Rose of Peace" and is the leader of "God's Host". He is the Captain of the hosts of God and the most beloved of the heavens. The Great Prince, The Archangel of Healing. In the first century, there is a legend that He caused a healing spring to flow. He is especially remembered in France as the Spirit who gave Saint Joan of Arc the courage to save her country. Michael is also said to have announced to the Virgin Mary her impending assumption and departure from earth into heaven. He has appeared many times over the centuries...

In art, Michael is most often depicted as proud, handsome glowing white or wearing magnificent armor and holding a sword. As Commander of the heavenly host, Michael led the battle against Satan and the fallen. Sometimes He is pictured protecting a beautiful female angel, which myth and legend now names "Moonlight" and sometimes "Snow" ... against the vanquished devil. As the Warrior of God, His rage knows no bounds, on fire with ferocious ardor His roar thunders through the Heavens!

But with his beloved angel, His gentleness and love knows no limits. He has vowed to protect her from the fires and passions of Hell. None would dare harm her in this world or the next...

In dreams, Michael is Passion's Prince, a perfect harmony of male beauty and power. As in the God Eros, magnificent and handsome framed by glorious white powerful wings.

The language of Archangels to humans a philosopher suggested as "Illumination" a spiritual form of expression. Wordless, telepathy conveying the entire essence of there message with no need of language. An Archangel can express in one thought or "image" what humanity cannot do in a thousand words.

Behold and remember this is not a portrait of a human...

He is a magnificent winged being not of this world!

During the golden days of summer He returned to the delicate angel. She had not seen him for a very long time...This time He appeared as the "Guardian of The Divine" and built her a divine Castle stronger then any stone. The Castle was built with love and passion and was surrounded by a wonderous moat as deep an unfathomable as His soul. Inside the Castle walls He created a sanctuary...

"Saint Michael The Archangel"

The Archangel Collection

"Oh Glorious Prince of the Heavenly Host

Transformed into an Archangel of light!"

The Moonlight Snow Angel


"O Holy Night"  from Christmas 2011

The Holy Ghost revised the enchanted story for

"Silent Night" Merry Christmas 2014

The Moonlight Angel

 November 23, 2014

Other Worldly Drawings from Theresa Kolasa

All Artwork, Photos and Concepts

Copy Right dating back to 1991 All Rights Reserved

December 15, 2014

Yes, you are always welcome to visit...

I would love to show you

your portrait...

December 17, 2014

Believe in miracles...

Moonlight's Blog

The Snow Angel


"May Michael…


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