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Hi everybody,

I'm back in the states. In Los Angeles to record the finishing touches for my Christmas cd coming out late Oct. This one song is one of my all time favorites written by David Foster and I call it a complete masterpiece. Wish I could tell you MORE about it but it's sung half in Italian and the rest in English. Just returning from Italy, I felt a bit more inspired to go in and deliver this vocal.…

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michael goes GOLD !!!!!


Yea u are a special man and now one world one love is special cause it has gone GOLD !!!

This is worth a celebration for u and the band and your entire family !!!

I have 13 yes 13 CD's from u and i listen to u alot !!!

"Your'e the one thing makes this world heaven makes the whole thing right ,your'e 1 thing baby in…


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Photos from Romania

Enhorabuena !!, Congratulations !!.


Be Good.

María Del Carmen Busto.


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Photos from Romania:

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Update from Milan

Though it's too dark to tell it's me in front of one of my dream

buildings in Milan, Italy, it's the legendary Teatro alla Scala (La

Scala) where I would love to perform one day with an orchestra

comprised of Italian musicians. This is one of my dreams yet to be

fulfilled. I know the pic of me is dark but I just had to take the

snapshot while walking by. I'm in Milan on my way to shows…

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Michael, please check out my student film featuring your music.

Hey, fellow fans! I am a film student in Michigan who would love to work with Michael at some point in the future. My 2nd semester film is posted on Vimeo but is not entered into any film festivals or anything because I didn't have the money to get proper sound or permission to use any of the music. However, I am proud of the work I did with literally NO EXPERIENCE. I am currently writing a feature, which I hope to get financed for production. I'd like to make Michael's music a central part of… Continue

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The concert of Michael in Algarve, Portugal

Micahel was in my country for the second time this year.

This time, on August 1th, he went to Algarve and according to what I saw on the news it was AMAZING.

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Emerald Queen Casino show 8-13-2010

Hi Michael,

If I come to the show on the 13th, (not sure why you picked Friday the 13th for a show,) can you please sing, "Can I touch you there?" I love that song and play it everytime I get in my car! I saw the video on line and you had such a great orchestra behind you and you came out there so calm and relaxed. You are a real showman and I love to sing to all of your songs. I used to drive my husband crazy singing all of the time really high…


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Delayed Holiday.

Good Night,

Finally I Will Not Be Able To Go. I´ll Have To Work. President´s News This Morning. Some Delayed Days Of Holiday.


María Del Carmen Busto.

Added by María Del Carmen Busto on July 31, 2010 at 1:36am — No Comments

Hi Michael , I have loved listening to you since 1983! I was lucky enough to see you in Lincoln, RI on July 23rd (comp tickets). My husband apparently has spent some money at Twin River! Awesome show…

Hi Michael ,

I have loved listening to you since 1983! I was lucky enough to see you in Lincoln, RI on July 23rd (comp tickets). My husband apparently has spent some money at Twin River! Awesome show!!! The closest I got was when you sang "When A Man Loves a Woman" still not close enough but closer. I have been a fan since 1983. You are the best and always will be. L O V E the new "album". I know "CD" it will always be an "album"! Would love to know when you are going to be in the…


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Near Holiday !!!

Good Night !!!

Thanks For Your Update !!,

I Know You´re Going To Be Busy This Whole Week, the same I,m going to be, but I think this is going to be my last week for work !!

I,m going to have 3 weeks of holiday, more or less, in August, (I,ll know it for sure at the end of this week), and I would like to go to see you in Italy !!!. I DON,T CARE HOW FAR.... I CAN GO THE…


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Michael so wonderful to his fans.

Just saw him on friday nite and he was fantastic. Also he is so wonderful to his fans, letting us be up there with him when he is singing and making us all feel so special when he comes by and allows us to grab his hand. Thank you so much for just being yourself and enjoy the rest of your tour. Make sure you don't wear yourself out to much because we are all waiting for you to come around this way again. Have a blast and keep on rockin.

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Update from the Road

Hi everyone,

Phenominal show in Lincoln Rhode Island Friday night. Big thanks to all the fans who we're really excited and l o u d!!!!! Which my band and i l o v e!!

I'm just lifting off for London to do a great tv show on Monday called "Loose Women" which is very much like our American "The View" very funny savvy women who cover current social topics. And they're lovely though I usually, can hardly get a word in edgewise, that just reminds me of being at the kitchen table with my… Continue

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Listening to some 'oldies but the best of you '

Sunday july 25 th 2010

Dear Michael;

I am writting this to announce my 22 year anniversary of being a Bolton Fan and i am pleased to say

you have never ever let me down NEVER !!

Over the years i have collected CD's (13)all of them of you ,3 video cassettes, (5) autographs from you which (3) are personalized to me…


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Twin Rivers Concert

Saw Michael Friday night at Twin Rivers Casino and let me say he was great. Has a new band and they were fantastic!!! He looked great as always. He did one song after another.

Michael got standing ovation for Nessa Dorma. His voice is as powerful as ever. Could listen to him sing for days. Great job as always Michael hope to see you again soon in the New England area.

Sue & Deb

Added by Susan Hamel on July 26, 2010 at 8:54pm — 3 Comments

a magical meeting

I never dreamed I would see Michael in concert let alone meet the man. As this gorgeous person walked towards me I forgot everything I wanted to say but he was so gentle and kind that I told him after I was hit by a car and left in a coma for 3 months - this was about 17 years ago - everyone who came to visit me in hospitol would play his music and I simply would go into a peaceful place and I believed he helped save my life and he was one of my angels - he seemed touched and asked to give me a… Continue

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my meeting michael

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HI Michael! I've noticed that you can't seem to reach your high pitched notes anymore. Have you chosen to sing in a lower key? I've followed your music since the 90s and I know what your voice capabilities were. Just asking if it's a willful decision that you've made. Have a great one!


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Yes! Mihael, when are you coming bak to philly,we miss you,hope you can arrange to appear sometime soon.keep up the excellent work.

Congradulations on being a pop,pop,I know you're proud.take care!


Added by sondra jefferson-williams on July 21, 2010 at 7:17am — No Comments

16 De Julio, 2.010

Good Night..

This Morning, I Remembered, Suddenly, July 16, Half A Year.

I,m Sorry, My Love, I Was Very, Very Busy That Day, And The Days Before And After..

That Day Is A Very Important Day In My Family, In Spain, In Latin America, (I Think.), And In The Catholic Church. It,s Del Carmen´s the (Blessed) Virgin Day.

Anyway, As You Have Seen, I Thought Of You, The Days Before, And…


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