Open Letter to Mr Bolton which I realize highly unlikely that he'll see it.

Dear Mr Bolton,
Hope and pray that you'll start writing and recording music that you wrote.
My favorite song of yours is, "Soul Provider," which I play numerous times a day. The video allows your heart and soul that comes through so whoever this song is about, your emotions are visible.
After learning that you signed a record deal at a young age, I'd thought that I would share my story. During the mid 1970s when I lived in a suburb of metro Detroit, I was involved in competitive choir during my junior high years. We did intense breathing and voice exercises that were exhausting with strict diet. Anyways, near the end of the school year and competition season, my music teacher told me that she wanted to speak to me. Sudden fear. She told me that she thought that I have a voice/talent that would take me far plus she wanted me to be my voice coach to ensure my success although my family was planning to leave the Detroit area. It was shocking because I suffered from low self esteem because of being teased/bullied cause of the way I looked. It never happened because my family didn't believe in me and just over one year afterwards, I quit singing. So, be grateful that your family believed in you and your dreams.
Years later, I worked at a music theater in northern Michigan where many popular bands who were seen on MTV played at the venue. It was a learning experience because I dealt with the good and the bad. A comment was made to me that the touring musician would've been my life which isn't the way to live.
Also, my family came to the US in the 1930s too but my family was/is outside of Budapest and escaped through Salzburg on a train. My family is gypsy which we're half Jewish and half Eygptian so I'm third generation American.
God allows events to happen for a reason. On hearing about the passing of my music teacher not long ago, I remembered the conversation and wondered what my life would be like now.

PS: if Mr Bolton is supposed to get this, he will. Understand that. Have a great Monday y'all!

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Comment by Jennifer L. Trimper on May 9, 2017 at 11:27pm
Please pray. Unemployment benefits coming to an end. Waiting on hearing about an interview. Thanks.

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